Screening Screens

drjsplash5Hi there, it’s Dr. Jocko again, with some more monkey medical words of advice.  First word of advice…I’m a monkey.  So, if you have an actual medical problem, please go see a doctor that is not covered in fur.

Today, I am going to talk about how to manage your child’s screen time…you know, those devices that turn energetic, thoughtful, kind children into slack eyed, drooling zombies.

I know it’s ironic, considering that I am a monkey, media, maven, but there’s a reason I keep my videos short and use them to promote healthy behavior.

The most important way to control your child’s screen habits is to set limits.  They are not in charge of the expensive tablet you bought for them.  You are.

Here are some helpful hints from my friends at the mayo clinic:

Per my friends at, limiting that screen time can have some very healthy benefits.

It’s also important to note that not all screen time is the same.  Passive viewing of TV shows meant to sell the latest toys to kids is not the same as engaging with interactive educational apps.  Here’s a list of some great educational apps from the American Association of School librarians.

As a monkey medical professional, I’m also not against a little healthy bribery.  For example, you can tell your kid,  “If you stop jumping around with your underwear on your head and decide to get dressed for school, then I’ll let you play with your educational app on your tablet until it’s time to go.” I know parenting is hard, that’s why we have to leverage all of the tools that we have at our disposal.

Thanks for reading and until next time, “Be like a banana and peel better!”